Every Student Should Have a Place to Lock Their Valuables


If you take away the opportunity, you take away the crime. Our TabletSafe is designed for small rooms and tight spaces. It is made from a high impact resistant ABS plastic polymer with all the functionality of steel. We invented a bracket system that allows the TabletSafe to be attached to furniture. It can only be removed from the room by the owner. We could of made it cheaper to compete with the the Big Box Stores, but we decided to make ours better.

Our Safe is an effective Desk Organizer. Your DormVault allows you to pack your items away safely without calling attention to them. That lowers the risk of accidentally misplacing your stuff. Plus, you know, gremlins.

Your Dormvault has a door pocket and a storage area with 2 adjustable trays. Some of the common items people store are:

  • An iPad, Kindle or tablet up to 10″ x 7 3/8″.
  • Passport, Credit Cards, Cash
  • Digital camera
  • Prescriptions
  • Jewelry

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Why DormVault?

Dorm Safe or Apartment Safe

Everyone deserves peace of mind when it comes to their personal belongings. Your Dormvault is designed for close quarters like dorm rooms and apartments. It’s attractive, convenient, easy to use and guaranteed to fit.


We Know It Works.

It fits, or else.  Our products are designed for dormitories and apartments and they work. We’ve sold over 100,000 safes since we started doing business in 2007.   Every Dormvault purchased from our website comes with a cash-back guarantee for 30 days after purchase.

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Attaches Easily without using Tools

Your Dormvault will fit on your desk, in your closet or under your bed, but it comes with a mounting bracket that allows you to attach it to your loft bed or shelving unit. Once attached, only you can remove it. Pretty cool, huh? With our simple instructions, and without tools, it’s easy to get DormVault secured.

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