A college dorm is an active experiment in communal living. That’s why Dormvault partnered with a great young designer, J Pat McCool. We’re confident his sleek modern design beats the competition for both Style and Function. Our Dormvault fits in out of the way places. It doesn’t compete for desk space. It has a patented bracket that attaches to furniture posts or bed frames. We also provide a cable that loops around any secure object. Safety never looked this good.

Each of our college safes has a door pocket and a storage area with 2 adjustable trays. Some of the common items people store are:

  • An iPad, Kindle or tablet up to 10″ x 7 3/8″.
  • Passport, Credit Cards, Cash
  • Digital camera
  • Prescriptions
  • Jewelry

Buy One Norton Stand-In GraphicUnknown-1Made in the USA

Why DormVault?

Our Dorm Safe Installs Without Tools

Your Dormvault will fit on your desk, in your closet or under your bed, but Dormvault is the only safe with a mounting bracket that allows you to attach it to your loft bed, shelving unit or bed frame. Once attached, only you can remove it. Pretty cool, huh? With our simple instructions, and without tools, it’s easy to get DormVault secured.


A College Safe That We Know Works.

It fits, or else.  Our products are designed for dormitories and apartments and they work. We’ve sold over 100,000 safes since we started doing business in 2007.   Every Dormvault purchased from our website comes with a cash-back guarantee for 30 days after purchase.

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Designed for College Life

You don’t drive a NASCAR to work. You drive your family car. Likewise, you don’t need an awkward heavy steel safe at college. Almost all theft at college is Snatch and Grab. A crime of opportunity. Take away that opportunity and you take away those crimes. Dormvault’s are designed to be functional and to look like they belong in a dorm room. And you won’t break your back carrying them up the stairs to your room.


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